Helping People Help Themselves


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Helping People Help Themselves

Hypnosis and YOU!

Everyday you are hypnotized by the TV, radio, driving, falling asleep and even when you wake up in the morning. Now is the time to use hypnosis to help you make the changes in your life that have been holding you back from becoming the person that you really want to be!

What is Hypnosis?

While hypnosis has become well-known thanks to popular acts where people are prompted to performs unusual or ridiculous actions, the technique has also been clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in the reduction of pain and anxiety.

What Can Hypnosis Be Used For?

JD King does and excellent job with all the clients I send over to him for help. So many people have stopped smoking and are very happy with his professionalism, knowledge, and the way he inspires them to improve their lives. Outstanding Hypnotherapist.

Twy J.Riverside

OVERALL: J.D. King is an amazing hypnotherapist. He deals with a variety of areas to aide in self improvement. My experience with him tackles anxiety issues, and together we have exceeded any expectation I initially set for my personal growth. The great thing about working with J.D. is that he empowers YOU to make the necessary adjustments. Rather than giving a specific check list of what to and not to do, he explores different avenues and opens your mind to multiple possibilities as opposed to just spoon feeding you one "problem solved" type answer. I would recommend him to anyone looking to develop themselves in any area of their life.

SESSIONS: With J.D. you get the best of both worlds. The first part of your time is spent discussing your needs, immediate & long term. He's down to earth and easy to talk to. Discussions are engaging and not at all one sided. Before you realize it - time has flown by and you're feeling relaxed and ready for the second part... hypnosis. You recline in the chair, lights are dimmed, soft background music plays and he begins to guide you into a relaxed and open state of mind. Once your session is complete - you'll feel amazing and ready to tackle anything head on.

SCHEDULING: He's easy to get a hold of and willing to work around your schedule. You can set a routine that fits your needs - whether it's a single session, monthly sessions, bi-weekly (my preference) or weekly.

Tiana B.Redlands

One word amazing! Hypnotherapy made it possible for me to accomplish my dream. This was one of the most valuable pieces to the puzzle. As an Ironman triathlete I know the value of mental toughness. I am so thankful you gave me the tools to be mentally ready, acknowledge I was prepared and most importantly be highly focused. Thank you for taking my performance to the next level! You helped to make my dream of becoming a woman of Iron come true.

Moe L.Corona

JD King is truly an amazing therapist. I saw him consistently over the course of 3 months and we achieved what we set out to do. He cares about his clients and always makes himself available if need be.

I was referred to him by a friend who said that he helped her quit smoking cigarettes. I thought I would try hypnotherapy for the issues I was struggling with. I am glad I made the decision to go, it made a large impact on my recovery. He digs deep into the root causes and helps you discover the things you did not think were effecting you.

Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven effective. Additionally, JD has a Masters in Marriage Family Counseling which makes him understand the psychology behind it and is able to use it in his practice. Medication only masks the pain, hypnotherapy removes the mask in order to deal with the issue(s) at hand and finally lets you live a normal life again.

Cherie A.Irvine